Toddler With Cerebral Palsy Defies The Odds By Going For A Walk With Great-Grandma.

When Colbie Durborow was born three years ago, her doctors weren’t sure if she would ever walk on her own.

Born at just 1 pound, 2 ounces, Colbie was a micro preemie with a host of health problems. Sadly, her twin brother did not survive, but the little girl proved to be a fighter right from the start.

A bilateral brain bleed just after birth left her with cerebral palsy. While her future was uncertain, her parents, Colin and Amanda Durborow of Farmingdale, New Jersey, never gave up hope.

“Doctors sat us down and said, ‘Listen, we don’t know what Colbie’s life is going to be like. We don’t even know that she’ll survive, pretty much.’ And now look at her,” Amanda told People.

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“She’s doing great. … You always want your kids to just be happy, and one of my big fears is because of her disability, will she struggle?” Amanda continued. “But it doesn’t stop her, it doesn’t phase her.”

That’s an understatement! Colbie defied the odds by learning to walk with help from a walker on her 2nd birthday. One year and plenty of physical therapy later, it’s hard to keep up with the little speed queen!

Recently, their family has been staying close to home due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. They missed their loved ones, so after months of not seeing Eleanor, Amanda’s 91-year-old grandmother, they arranged to meet her for a socially distanced walk outside.

Like her great-granddaughter, Eleanor gets around with the help of a walker, which makes them the cutest team!

Amanda took a short video of Eleanor and Colbie using their walkers during their visit. As Colbie adorably urged her great-grandma to “come on,” they continued to power walk down the street. The moment was so wonderful that the video quickly went viral.

“They’ve always had a special bond,” Amanda explained.

Considering how fast she can cruise along with her walker, Colbie is sure to keep up with her baby sister Laine as the two of them get older. We can’t wait to see how much she’ll grow!

Watch her walking with her great-grandma in the video below, and be sure to share this story to encourage your friends today.

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