Vet Gives Parrot Incredible Feather Transplant After Her Wings Are Cut Too Short.

Dr. Catherine Apuli has worked with many different animals, but she has a soft spot for birds.


The veterinarian from Brisbane, Australia, is passionate about helping her feathered friends live their best lives. That means educating their owners and the public on proper care, so she recently shared photos of a fascinating procedure she performed to help a parrot fly again.

dr. catherine apuli

Catherine knew what was wrong with Wei Wei the moment she came into The Unusual Pet Vets. While some owners clip their pets’ wings, this poor parrot’s feathers had been trimmed too much.

wei wei the parrot

Eventually, Wei Wei would have molted and grown new feathers, but she was in danger of falling and hurting herself since she couldn’t fly at all. Thankfully, Catherine was around to save the day!

The talented vet got to work repairing the damage using transplanted feathers in a technique called imping.

wei wei's imping

While Wei Wei was under anesthesia, Catherine carefully glued donor feathers onto her wings. While the photos make it look a bit scary, the procedure was painless and noninvasive. Best of all, it was a huge success!

wei wei's imping

When Wei Wei woke up, she had beautiful new plumage – and she could soar again!

“They were a perfect fit, and Wei Wei’s owners report that she is doing well at home, spreading her wings,” the clinic wrote on Facebook. “When Wei Wei is a little older she will molt her feathers and grow new wing feathers of her own.”

wei wei's new wings

But before the brave parrot headed home, she thanked her doctor in the sweetest way: with a cuddle session!

wei wei and catherine

Amazing job, Catherine! It’s obvious how deeply you care for your patients. Thank you for keeping Wei Wei and so many other animals safe.

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