An Adorable Two-Faced Cat Named Cat Is Our New Favorite Internet Feline.

There’s a sweet new kitty make waves on Instagram!

A new cat with the name of “Cat” lives in northern Thailand with his owner, Eve, who says Cat is half Persian and half Scottish Fold. Cat is unique because she is a chimera, or two-faced cat.


Chimeras are the result of a genetic mutation that’s pretty rare in felines. According to National Geographic, “A feline chimera is a cat whose cells contain two types of DNA, caused when two embryos fuse together.” What that means in layman’s terms is that a chimera cat is its own fraternal twin!

Unlike many chimera cats who have heterochromia, or two different eye colors, Cat here has two big, beautiful amber eyes set against a half white, half gray tabby face.


Cat is just under 2 years old and loves hunting cockroaches. She also has a rather unique affinity for toilet paper, of all things. She goes batty whenever she spots it! Eve says she has to hide all the toilet rolls in the house or else Cat will gleefully tear them to shreds. “She’s a crazy cat and she loves toilet paper,” her owner said with a laugh. She says that if Cat could talk, she’d tell us, “My fans, if u love me, send me toilet paper!”


We just love her sweet face — both sides! There’s so much gorgeous variation in color, size, temperament, and more in the animal kingdom. Meeting cats like this one make us remember how important it is to embrace and celebrate our physical differences, and not just in animals.

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