15 Curators Compete In Hilarious “Best Museum Bum” Battle On Twitter

While many museums around the world remain closed to the public due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, they've managed to find a unique way to connect with art lovers online.

Back in April, bored curators at the Yorkshire Museum in England started a trend called #CuratorBattle. They selected a fun theme for each month, and museums far and wide were asked to share items from their collections that fit perfectly.

Yorkshire Museum Curator Battle

They started out with "creepiest items" and have since covered topics like "fantastic fakes," "mystery objects," and "best cat."

But it was June's somewhat-scandalous theme that got the most attention online. Those who understand human nature will not be surprised to learn that "Best Museum Bum" was a hit from the very beginning. Here are 15 of the silliest responses!

1. Museums from all over the world got in on the fun.

2. It didn't take long before curators started cracking jokes.

3. What did you expect? He is Hercules, after all.

4. Proper bum maintenance was also addressed.

5. Raise your hand if you can relate!

6. He certainly does look defeated.

7. A Japanese museum offered up some prime Sumo tush.

8. No touchy!

9. Just some people wrestling. Nothing to see here.

10. Classical is our new favorite kind.

11. And the winner for best caption goes to....

12. Next thing you know, rooster hats will be all the rage.

13. The Louvre-Lens is keeping it classy.

14. Puns are not just accepted, but encouraged!

15. It wasn't just curators who enjoyed the battle.

Who knew fine art could be so popular — or that museum curators could have such terrific senses of humor? We feel more cultured already!

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