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Man Rescues Stranded Octopus, Then It Thanks Him With Sweetest Token Of Gratitude Before Heading Out To Sea.

Pei Yan Heng was walking along the Cyrene Reef in Singapore when an unusual clump caught his eye in the sand.

On closer inspection, Heng realized the strange mass was a small octopus buried to the gills with sand and debris. Working quickly, Heng grabbed a small plastic container to scoop the stranded animal gently from its sandy prison.


Heng walked a few feet to the tide line and carefully put the little one back into the crystal clear water. After a few moments recovering and getting its ‘breath’ back, the tiny mollusk did the most amazing thing. In an unmistakeable show of gratitude, it reached out a single tentacle and laid it on Heng’s black boot.


The octopus left its tentacle there for a few moments, slowly removed it and started to swim away. Heng was left stunned at the apparent, heartwarming ‘thank you’ and luckily got the whole thing on camera.

Check out the incredible moment in the video below!

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