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Baby Mouse Celebrates Her 1st Birthday Thanks To Her Kind Rescuer.

A two-photo collage. The first is a closeup of a small, injured mouse named Choohaa being held in someone’s hand. The image is captioned “But she proved me wrong.” The second is of the same mouse, now older and healthier. She’s on her hindlegs as she reaches for the food being held out to her.

Danielle Mulcahy loves taking care of all kinds of animals, but an injured mouse she happened upon might be her most unexpected, and personally impactful, rescue yet.

She rescued the small creature when she saw it in the beak of one of her chickens. Because she was so hurt, and because mice that young require such constant care, Danielle wasn’t confident she’d make it a single night. Still, the animal lover said that “She had so much will to live, so I had to give it a shot.”

@daniellemulcahy2 Honeslty after she proved me wrong everything started going up again. Happy Birthday Choohaa! You are my favorite therapy! #bbmouse #sosmol #squeaks #babymouse #babymouserescue #wildmouse #fieldmouse #foryou #animallover #petmouse ♬ Good Morning – Gene Kelly & Debbie Reynolds & Donald O’Connor

In no time, this determined mouse showed signs of recovering. Thanks to the love and care Danielle gave, she found new ways to get around as her swollen foot healed. Everywhere Danielle went, her mouse was sure to follow, always at the ready for more warm kitten formula.

Now, a year after rescuing her, Danielle has given her pet a name: Choohaa – that’s Hindi for mouse!

Since sharing Choohaa’s journey online, folks from around the world have fallen in love with this adorable mouse. That’s why, for little Choo’s birthday, Danielle was happy to share how they celebrated: with a tasty pancake treat. One of which was mouse-sized, of course!

@daniellemulcahy2 Hi new followers! Thank you everyone for all the love for Choohaa. Shes a special little peanut. Think of her when you splatter the pancake batter on the pan and accidently make mouse pancakes. 😋 #mouserescue #mousepancake #pancakes #animallover ♬ Mr. and Mrs. Fox – Alexandre Desplat

Happy birthday, Choohaa! We wish you many more happy years of wheel running and tiny-breakfast eating.

Share Danielle’s story to wish sweet Choohaa the happiest of birthdays.

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