25 Dogs Who Will Literally Sit Anywhere They Want

Living with animals often means taking a backseat to their comfort.

The dogs in the images below enjoy getting comfy, no matter where they happen to be. They’ll squeeze into the smallest, most awkward spaces in the name of a good nap, so they’re perfect for the internet’s latest “Take A Seat Challenge.” Check out 25 of our favorite “couch” potatoes!

1. Anyone want some pup-corn?


2. “She knows when I’m having issues, hence why she’s my emotional support dog. But regardless of that, it’s also one of her favorite places to lay and honestly it really does help.”

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3. Kiwi thinks she’s a cat and no one has the heart to tell her otherwise.

4. You’re never too big to be a lapdog.

5. See, what did we tell you? Size doesn’t matter!

6. Charles is a bit of a backseat driver.


7. Gimlet hasn’t yet figured out this whole “sitting” thing.

8. Your comfort is none of his concern.


9. “What other dog? Nope, haven’t seen him.”


10. “That would be my face that she’s trying to sit on.”

11. I don’t recall putting these in the laundry basket….

12. Huge dog or tiny chair?

13. “Climbed up on the desk in my office to watch the rain.”

14. Who knew wolfhounds were so scholarly?

15. “Get a new puppy,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said.

16. Just give him a sippy cup and put on his favorite Kidz Bop.

17. Seems like a great napping spot, to be honest.

18. “Guess I’m not reading that anymore….”

19. Yes, that’s the perfect place to hang out.

20. What is this “personal space” of which you speak?

21. How else is he supposed to see out the window?

22. Pomeranian or parrot? It’s impossible to say.

23. “If I fits in the kitty bed, I sits in the kitty bed.”

24. “My itty-bitty little kitty lounging on the back of my sister’s couch.”

25. Busted!!!

It’s a good thing they’re cute because we let them sit just about anywhere! There’s always room for a good boy or girl on our sofa.

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