15 Hamster Obstacle Courses That Are Absolutely A-maze-ing!

Hamura Hamster mazes

Hamsters are fun little pets who love nothing more than crawling through tight spaces, especially when there’s a tasty treat waiting for them at the end!


The Homura Ham YouTube and TikTok pages are great places to get to know these sweet creatures better, especially if you love seeing imagination at work. This account features Syrian and Dwarf hamsters running through incredibly intricate homemade obstacle courses. Each maze has a theme, from Hogwarts to Minecraft, and millions of followers can’t get enough of these cute and creative miniature worlds.

1. In spite of how they may look, everything in these mazes are made of soft materials that won’t harm pets. Here’s one little guy maneuvering through a Super Mario maze.

2. Most of the themes involve “escapes,” like this hamster escaping a colorful Pop It maze.

3. This little fugitive just robbed a bank and is making his getaway! Those moving platforms look like something from a movie.

4. Here’s their take on a rich hamster getting some culture at the museum. Naturally, he arrives by helicopter.

5. Hamura Ham features lots of Minecraft mazes, each more intricate (and cool!) than the last.

6. There is nothing these brave hamsters won’t explore, even the inside of a can of cola.

7. Put on your shocked face as you watch this cutie make his way through an adorable emoji maze.

8. Who hasn’t wanted to make a miniature version of Hogwarts for our pets to run around in?

9. Here’s another Minecraft maze, but this one has the coolest drawbridge that the hamster controls with a switch!

10. We’re lovin’ this McDonald’s maze!

11. It’s his very own LegoLand!

12. Minions are so adorable. Why not make a maze inside of one?

13. This intricate Sonic the Hedgehog maze is actually quite beautiful.

14. This hamster is getting an education at school. Why couldn’t we take a hot air balloon to and from school?

15. Take a trip under the sea with this fun underwater maze.

This is some next-level creativity! It’s so nice to see people playing with their pets in such a fun and harmless way. These little guys get so much love and attention, and we’re sure the treats don’t hurt either.

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