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11 Teeny Tiny Puppies Guaranteed To Make You Say “Awww!”


Question: Who loves tiny puppies? Answer: You. You do. Correction: Everyone! Everyone loves tiny puppies! The tinier the better. You know it’s true. You might not love puppies as much as this couple who took their puppy on a “newborn” photoshoot, or these 15 babies who snuggle with their dogs during nap time, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get the warm fuzzies when you look at pictures of precious, tiny puppies! Knowing that, we’ve put together the ultimate list of little, tiny, adorable puppies. We’ve scoured the internet for the best teacup-sized pups we could find, and we’ve put them together for your viewing pleasure.

Check out the adorable list below!

1. It’s so fluffy. I’m gonna die!

Tiny puppy

He’s like a cotton ball with a face!

2. Look how tiny!

teacup pup

He fits in a teacup. We can’t even handle it.

    3. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that face?


    All smiles!

    4. Puppies are so cute when they’re snoozing.


    He’s probably sleepy from a long day of terrorizing no doubt, but he’s cute enough to get away with it.

    5. Two puppies are better than one!

    Two puppies

    Who else is humming the old Double Mint Gum commercial right now?

      6. How does the owner even handle this?

      Puppy pool

      We were love-struck by two puppies… but a whole pile of them?

      7. All tuckered out!

      sleeping puppy

      That little tongue though…

        8. Why are her eyelashes longer than mine?

        Glam puppy

        And she has curly hair to boot!

          9. World’s Best Puppy Dog Eyes

          Puppy dog eyes

          We don’t know what he did, but we forgive him.

          10. Just a puppy sleeping on a dishwasher door.


          It’s as good a bed as any.

          11. She’s proud of her babies!

          mom and puppies

          … as she should be!

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