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10 Easy Ways To Get Motivated When You Just Want To Stay In Bed

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We all have hopes, dreams, and goals we’d love to achieve, but sometimes it can be difficult to get (and stay!) motivated.

What drives you to work hard toward a certain goal, and how can you learn to harness that motivation and use it in other areas of your life? Read on for 10 tips to keep that momentum going strong, no matter what else is happening around you.

1. Identify your own motivation style.

Think about times in your life when you’ve powered through a task or accomplished a goal. Identify the emotions that spurred you on, whether it was the fear of failure or a desire to improve your life. Whenever you’re struggling to stay motivated, use this memory as a trigger and apply it to the current situation. Sometimes a job just needs a “must.”

At the same time, pinpoint patterns of laziness or apathy from your past, and work to avoid those triggers in the future.

2. Surround yourself with positive people.

Positive people just see the world differently. If you’re trying to be a go-getter, it makes sense to seek out others who are on the same track and who share your mindset. Avoid hanging out with those who have no motivation to improve themselves or grow as individuals. Instead, cultivate friendships with people who brighten your life and inspire you to thrive.

3. Never stop learning.

Taking classes, seminars, and tutorials boosts confidence in your abilities and helps you think outside the box. It’s important to keep your skills current, and committing to lifelong learning keeps your brain firing on all cylinders!

4. Don’t overthink it.

It’s easy to get inside your own head and start talking yourself out of things. Don’t do it! Instead, focus on the end result you hope to accomplish and figure out the best way to get started. Don’t put it off another day, start now!

5. Set small, achievable goals.

Remember the Chinese proverb that says, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Divide a large task into small, manageable milestones. Set reasonable time frames to accomplish these goals and stick to them. Before you know it, you’ll be halfway there!

6. Celebrate your successes.

There’s nothing more motivating than seeing the progress you’ve already made! Celebrate every success on your journey, no matter how small. Reward yourself for working hard, but keep your eye on the big prize, the end result.

7. Motivate others.

Find a support system of positive people to lift you up when you feel down. In exchange, help others with their own motivation and goal setting. Working with others adds a collaborative nature to your own mission. You’re less likely to flake out if your friends are counting on you.

8. Practice positive self-talk.

Make your inner voice your friend! This is so important when it comes to maintaining a positive mindset. Don’t allow yourself to denigrate or berate yourself. Instead, be a loving, supportive cheerleader for yourself.

9. Keep setting new goals.

There is no end game when it comes to self-improvement! We are all works in progress, so keep finding new ways to improve your life – and the lives of those around you.

10. If all else fails, make a fresh start.

Failure is a relative term. If you’ve been working tirelessly but getting nowhere, it’s OK to stop and reassess your intention and goals. It’s OK to change your mind and quit a project that no longer fulfills you.

Above all, stay positive! We’re not all naturally motivated, but with a little mindfulness, it’s possible to rewire our brains to forge new paths in the future.

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