10 Adorably Wiggly Dogs With Cerebellar Hypoplasia

Like humans, some animals are born a little different than the rest. In the case of these pups, that’s part of what makes them so precious!

Each of the 10 dogs below has cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological condition in which part of the brain doesn’t develop properly. While this makes it harder for them to keep their balance, it isn’t painful — and it hasn’t stopped them from living their happiest lives!

1. If Prancer was a dog instead of a reindeer.

2. Could his “tippy taps” be any cuter?

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3. When you have that Friday feel.

4. Hannah might want to go back to puppers ed.

5. Don’t be surprised when this cutie wiggles his way into your heart…

6. …or when you have the sudden urge to steal this roly-poly nugget.

7. The beach, a ball, and her wheels are all Honey needs to feel happy!

8. Nodder is all of us when we see our favorite meal.

9. Moby’s first snow day couldn’t have been more joyful!

10. Clyde’s enthusiastic sideways runs could bring a smile to anyone’s face!

We’ve fallen head over heels for these wobbly sweethearts, and we’re sure we aren’t the only ones! Cerebellar hypoplasia may pose some challenges to the animals who live with it, but it has no bearing on their ability to thrive.

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