Top 17 Funniest Tweets About Cats

Cats are always the greatest source of entertainment. Whether they’re being hilariously over-dramatic or getting stuck in the most bizarre situations, they always make us laugh!

It’s no wonder we humans love to post on social media about them! We decided to scour Twitter, to find the funniest things owners have tweeted about the furry friends.

Check it out below.

  1. When life gives you lemons...

  2. Just another day

  3. Once you see it!

  4. If you love cats, now you know the trick!

  5. When you're on a diet but it's right there...

  6. Priorities.

  7. I wouldn't mess with this cat.

  8. IKEA cat

  9. But I got this just for you...

  10. Why.

  11. There's a strong family resemblance!

  12. This diva is ready for her solo

  13. Fake it til you make it

  14. When you see him...

  15. The greatest gift

  16. Relationship goals

  17. Proof cats are liquid

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