To the Friend Who Rolled Her Eyes When I Asked My Husband’s Permission.

Ashley Willis was talking with a friend when she was invited to hang with the girls for a night. After expressing her interest and clarifying she’d need to ask her husband, Ashley was shocked by her friend’s response.

A friend once asked me if we could get together for a girls’ night out, and I naturally replied as I always do to these invitations, “I’d love to! Let me ask Dave first, and I will let you know…” My friend rolled her eyes and laughed under her breath as she replied, “Really? You need your husband’s permission? Gah. My husband and I never ask for permission. I just do my thing. And, he does his thing.”

The interchange bothered Ashley so much that she decided to list a few reasons why she chooses to include her husband in seemingly minor decisions.

Her perspective is really great.


1. Asking permission is a sign of RESPECT.

Whenever Dave asks me if he can go somewhere and do something, I feel loved and respected. We are married after all. Why wouldn’t we consult each other first before placing something on the calendar, applying for a new job or moving? These things affect BOTH of us, so we need to discuss it first out of respect for one another.