25 Hilarious Mom Tweets About Reality Of Life With Kids

Moms and dads generally get equal credit for raising children, but let’s be honest, the momma bear is the one doing most of the work. They are usually the ones there for the craziest, messiest and most insane moments of childrearing.

Thanks to the advent of social media – we get a front row seat into the most insane parenting stories around. We’ve collected 25 ‘best of the best’ for your amusement. Take it from us, these moms and most of the kids deserve a medal.

Check it out below!

  1. Aren't we all.

  2. Yup.

  3. At least they were honest!

  4. Makes sense.

  5. Told you so...

  6. Sound familiar?

  7. Food for thought.

  8. Can we blame her though?

  9. lol.

  10. Right?!

  11. Everyone needs boundaries.


  13. Same.

  14. Taking notes.

  15. Classic.

  16. Haha!

  17. Father's Day.

  18. Basically.

  19. At least they're consistent!

  20. It happens.

  21. Extreme Mom.

  22. That's one way to do it.

  23. Priceless.

  24. Oh boy.

  25. Everyone needs a break!

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