When New Technology Became Too Challenging, These 20 Parents Got Creative.

Technology can be a tough thing for a lot of people. New innovations and software updates seem to happen every day. It can be a lot to handle especially if you didn’t grow up with the tech.

And admit it, we have all struggled a time or two to figure out all the new functions of a program or device. Or there are those of us who have had to teach our parents how to use every new phone or remote. But when the new technology became too much, the 20 parents and grandparents in the list below got creative. And it was too funny not to share!

Check it out below:


  1. #NailedIt

  2. "Traveling with mom and noticed her plastic bag 'screen protector.'

  3. It's about time someone scrapbooked Facebook.

  4. Baby steps with grandma's first cordless phone.

  5. Ipad or cutting board? You decide.

  6. Howdoyouspace?

  7. 'Bought my mom an iPad, had it engraved.'

  8. Imogi's mean more than you think.

  9. That's one way to use the font camera.

  10. Dad asked why all the TV models were pirates.

  11. 'My grandmother called me over to fix her computer because 'everything moves backwards.

  12. First camera phone.

  13. 'My dad doesn't know how to text on his flip phone, so he always sends me multimedia messages.

  14. 'So today my nana showed me some of her favorite websites.

    • reddit
  15. When my grandma googles something she puts 'please and thank you.'

  16. Grandma's phone kept showing the wrong time.'

  17. Who needs all those buttons anyway.

  18. Grandma sent me this in the mail. Slowest picture message ever.

  19. 'My 90-yr-old grandma showing us how she zooms in on her iPhone.

  20. And the grand finale.