Teacher Uses An Apple To Teach Lesson About Bullying, The Impact It Made Will Shock You.

There’s a special program in Tamworth, UK, that’s serving its students in an incredible way.  “Relax Kids” uses tangible methods to equip kids to succeed in life in many different areas. One Relax teacher recently made huge strides when talking about bullying… by using an incredible but extremely simple tactic.

With only two green apples, Rosie Dutton aimed to communicate the effects of bullying and how much damage the cruel act really has on a victim maybe even in a permanent way.



First, she presented the fruits which looked identical and “juicy enough to eat.” She then instructed the kids to pass around one apple, and as they did so to call it disgusting and other hateful words.  They hurled gross verbal assaults at the little fruit.

“We really pulled this poor apple apart,” Dutton said. “I actually started to feel sorry for the little guy.”

She then handed out the other apple, asking the students to offer sweet compliments.

Next, Rosie held up both apples, asked the class if they still looked the same. The consensus was “Yes.” But when she cut open the two fruits, the kids didn’t even know how to respond. One apple had that juicy look which they expected. However, on the attacked apple, inside were bruises and looks of horrible hurt.



Unbeknownst to the kids, Dutton had dropped one of the apples on the ground to help get her point across.

“I think there was a lightbulb moment for the children immediately. They really got it, what we saw inside that apple, the bruises, the mush and the broken bits is what is happening inside every one of us when someone mistreats us with their words or actions.

When people are bullied, especially children, they feel horrible inside and sometimes don’t show or tell others how they are feeling.

If we hadn’t have cut that apple open, we would never have known how much pain we had caused it.

I shared my own experience of suffering someone’s unkind words last week.

On the outside I looked OK, I was still smiling. But, on the inside someone had caused me a lot of pain with their words and I was hurting.

Unlike an apple, we have the ability to stop this from happening.

We can teach children that it’s not OK to say unkind things to each other and discuss how it makes others feel.

We can teach our children to stand up for each other and to stop any form of bullying, just as one little girl did today when she refused to say unkind words to the apple.

More and more hurt and damage happens inside if nobody does anything to stop the bullying. Let’s create a generation of kind, caring children.

The tongue has no bones, but is strong enough to break a heart. So be careful with your words.”

With her simple lesson, Rosie left an incredible impact on young minds. She also is trying to teach adults to comply to the same standards of kindness. We hope it works.

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