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Handsome Hospital Worker Sings “Lean On Me” With Help From Howling Husky.

Like many people, Tate Hegstrom of Grand Junction, Colorado, is looking to his furry best friend for comfort during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Tate is an administrative resident at HealthONE in Denver, so he’s on the front lines of the battle. He finds solace when he comes home to his family and Kovu, his adorable husky, each night. Recently, he spread the love by sharing a heartwarming video that everyone needs to see!


In a short clip, we see Tate singing and strumming a guitar to “Lean on Me,” the classic Bill Withers song. But it’s not Tate’s voice that captures everyone’s heart (although it definitely could); it’s Kovu’s adorable canine accompaniment!

As Tate croons each moving word, Kovu throws his head back and gives one of those trademark howls that huskies are famous for.


It didn’t take long for Kovu’s soulful “aroos” to go viral! After the video was shared on “Good Morning America” and “Inside Edition,” it really took off! Now, the adorable husky has his own Instagram page, where all his new fans can keep up with him.

We’re so glad Tate and Kovu have each other! In times like these, we all need a helping hand (or paw) to get us through.


We are in love with this duet… and this dog! We can’t wait to see all the joy Kovu brings the world next. If he takes song requests, we’d have to go with “Who Let The Dogs Out.”

Watch Kovu and Tate singing together in the video below, and make someone’s day by sharing this story. For more hope and encouragement, check out the Coronavirus Good News Dashboard.

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