Naughty Pony Eats His Way Through Every Plant On Obstacle Course In Hilarious Video.

The thing about performing with animals is that you just never know when their instincts might override their training.


No matter how well trained an animal may be, if a dog spots a squirrel he might very well dart off to try to catch it. The same goes for horses. In a video that’s rapidly going viral online, we see just how determined some equines can be when it comes to grabbing a snack at the most inconvenient time possible.


At a recent horse show held by the Welsh Pony & Cob Society of America, a youth rider was tasked with walking her Welsh pony around an obstacle course. Dressed in formal English riding attire, the little girl looks poised and confident. Her horse looks well-fed, but that doesn’t stop him from eyeing the green plants placed around the course with bald-faced greed the second his hooves hit the ring.

She hadn’t even gotten through the first obstacle when the horse darted for the plants, pulling the lead from the young rider’s hands and grabbing a nearby spider plant for a quick munch. As it turns out, he was just getting started.


The little girl wrestles the plant from the horse’s mouth and tries to lead him onward, but he keeps getting distracted by all that delicious greenery!

Soon a couple of adults have to come out and help pull the horse away from the plants, but no sooner has he started to trudge around the track do they come upon some even bigger, tastier potted plants that look irresistible to this big fella.


This child gives it her all, but she’s no match for a 1,000-pound animal who is determined to nibble every plant in sight! We’ve got to hand it to her, though. She manages to keep her cool throughout the entire course, and she’s even smiling and laughing about it by the end. After all, he’s a horse just doing what horses do.

After several minutes of shoving against the pony’s muscled chest with all her might, she finally finishes the course and can lead her naughty mount off stage. Her pretty braids are looking a bit frazzled, but her smile tells us everything we need to know about this little horsewoman!


Sometimes we learn the best lessons from the times in life that make us sweat the most. We’re so impressed with the cool, calm, and collected way that this girl handled her horse’s ravenous debut. If we have just one suggestion, it’s for the event organizers: maybe plastic plants would be a better choice?

Watch the adorably hungry horse in the video below and don’t forget to share!

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