Miracle Baby Was Born Without Most Of His Brain, But His Story Of Survival Is Incredible.

For the Buell family, the parental worrying that usually happens after a child is born began just four months into Brittany Buell’s pregnancy.

The trouble started at their 17-week ultrasound when a visibly concerned technician declined to comment on the worry so evident on her face.

“The ultrasound tech was acting strange. She got really quiet and when she got to his and was measuring it, she didn’t say a word.”

Their fears were confirmed when their doctor called the next morning diagnosing their son with spina bifida – a diagnosis that would soon be found incorrect. Unfortunately, the real truth was far more troubling.

After further examination, doctors confirmed that their baby’s brain had hardly formed at all in utero. The doctors insisted that the baby was not in pain, so the Buell’s decided to give the child a chance to live, no matter how small the odds.

Baby Born Without Complete Skull


The moment Jaxon Buell came into this world every doctor in the room was thinking the same thing, “This baby won’t last a week.” But the Buell’s hoped and prayed every day for seven days, then seven more…



13 months later we find Jaxon Buell a thriving -though disabled- toddler. Dr. Olson, Jaxson’s PCP was clear on his prognosis from the start – there isn’t one. Jaxson’s medical team was surprised he’s alive in the first place, and every day he survives is another win against the odds.



For now, the Buell family is enjoying time with their newborn son. There is no knowing what the future holds, but then again, the same is true for all of us.



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