Sweet Cat Thanks Adoptive Mom By Fetching Her Slippers Every Morning.

Once Lulu settled into her new home and received some love and affection, she became completely attached to her new mom and decided to thank her in the best way. One morning, Kayla's mom looked up to see Lulu coming into her room with a slipper in her mouth. The sweet feline dropped the slipper and left, only to return with the second shoe! "My mom was surprised [the first time it happened]," Kayla said. "She wore the drool-covered slippers to encourage Lulu." Sure enough, the routine stuck! Now, the precious kitty hunts down the shoes each morning and delivers them one by one, and her mom is thrilled. "I didn’t believe her until she got it on camera," Kayla added. https://www.instagram.com/p/B-kEXWRlnmX/?utm_source=ig_embed After Kayla shared the adorable quirk on Reddit, "Lulu the Slipper Cat" went viral! Her family thinks it's great to see her getting some extra love after the tough life she left behind. "It really seems like she just wants to take care of my mom, since my mom takes such good care of her," Kayla said. Lulu definitely found the purrfect way to show her mom how much she cares! This act of love is beautiful enough to melt anyone's heart. Watch more of their cute morning routine in the video below, and share this story with your animal-loving friends. https://www.instagram.com/p/B-kEfInldKE/?utm_source=ig_embed
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