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This Artist Is Living In A Whole New World With His Favorite Disney Characters.

With a little photoshop and a big imagination, Luigi Kemo Volo has the world at his fingertips.

This Italian artist has grown a following of almost 100,000 on his Instagram page, where he shares his fun creations. Some of his most popular ones include Disney characters he’s photoshopped into photos with him. From giving a haircut to the Beast to flying off to Neverland, you can check out some of our favorites down below.

1. Luigi is a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, and avid Disney fan.

2. “Ever since I was a kid watching videotapes of Disney classics I would stop midway, take a pencil and paper, and copy characters, I spent a lot of time doing it!” Luigi said.

3. Even though he’s always been a fan, his inspiration for his photoshop art came from his nephew.

4. “I drew on photos to make my nephew believe that I personally knew the characters of his favorite cartoons and every time I showed him the photos he was amazed.”

5. Luigi began posting his work on Instagram in 2016, but it took some encouragement to get him to start.

6. “My friends then recommended that I share them on Instagram, and honestly, I didn’t expect everyone to like it that much.”

7. With so many followers and fans of his work, it’s safe to say that Luigi underestimated his amazing creations.

8. “It’s nice to read comments from people who love my work. I like interacting with them, many show me their work and ask me for advice, many times I ask them for advice as well.”

9. “I love when people write to me and tell me their kids are my fans, it honestly makes my day!”

10. You might think his photos take a lot of time to create but Luigi has his system down perfectly.

11. “I don’t waste too much time on my work actually, I usually get some ideas during the day, in the evening when I get home after work I take a couple of hours to make it.”

12. The creative process can be difficult, which is why Luigi always keeps his eyes and ears open for inspiration.

13. “I think of everyday gestures and what they would be like with cartoon characters, or just whatever makes me smile in general!”

14. Luigi is incredibly passionate about making art, but he’s just as passionate about the community that surrounds it.

15. “I love art because it makes me escape everyday stuff even after a bad day. All in all, I love art because it keeps people together!”

Luigi’s use of photoshop is incredibly clever and fun! We’re so glad he chose to share his creations on social media. In addition to making people smile, these silly photos are a great reminder that you’re never too old to be a kid at heart!

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