Dad Fills House With 250,000 Plastic Balls To Create Epic Surprise For 4 Daughters.

The novel coronavirus has inspired many people to go the extra mile to make their loved ones smile.

In the weeks leading up to the mandatory lockdown in the U.K., Joel Conder of Surrey, England, was already missing some of his family’s favorite activities. So before they became housebound, Joel brought some extra fun into their lives!


Joel is a popular YouTuber and blogger who often shares stories of his life with his wife Sarah and their four daughters, 14-year-old Kaci, 12-year-old Grace, 8-year-old Sophie, and 2-year-old Chloe.

He figured since he couldn’t take everyone to play in a ball pit, which is one of their favorite things to do, he would bring the activity to them! So he found a company called Ballmania and ordered 250,000 new plastic balls.

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When they arrived, he and a few friends spent two hours dumping them all over the lower level of his home. By the time they were finished, the kitchen, hallway, and living area were filled 3-feet deep with the colorful toys. Then Joel sat back and waited for everyone to arrive.


“Kaci, Grace, Sophie, and Chloe came home first — everything was worth it just for that reaction,” Joel said. “They were shrieking with laughter — Kaci was like, ‘Mum’s going to kill you.'”

When Sarah arrived, she was understandably shocked, but once the surprise wore off, she couldn’t wait to jump in and start playing with everyone! They even took turns sliding down the staircase in a suitcase and landing safely in the ball pit below.

Later, Joel said, “It’s honestly one of the best memories I think we will have.”


What a fun idea! We’re not sure how Joel went about removing all those balls from the house, but the time and effort was worth it to make his family so happy.

Watch the epic surprise in the video below, and don’t forget to share the smiles with your friends. For more stories of joy and hope, check out the Coronavirus Good News Dashboard.

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