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Teen Hits Home Run During Little League World Series & Dad Totally Loses It.

If your kid has ever hit a home run, you’ll know exactly how this proud pop felt.

This year’s Little League World Series wraps up today in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, but on Monday, Georgia was pitted against Texas, with Texas holding a 5-3 lead. Peachtree City pitcher Jansen Kenty, number 16, was at bat at the bottom of the sixth inning, and things weren’t looking good: There was a runner on third, but there were two outs and he’d already struck out twice.

jansen kenty at bat

But on the next pitch, his bat connected with the ball with a resounding “thunk,” sending it over the left-center field wall!

He’d just hit a two-run home run and tied the game! That’s pretty darn impressive, but Jansen’s dad, Chris, all but stole the show with his reaction, which was, understandably, completely over-the-top. Fortunately for us, the cameras scanned the crowd to catch the whole sequence of events:

He holds his breath, watching it fly through the air:

chris kenty stunned

When it lands on the other side of the fence, Chris exuberantly pumps his fist in the air and turns to the spectators behind him. We can’t exactly hear what he says because the reaction from the stands is deafening, but with that face and those gestures, we get the gist: “Did you see that? That’s my son! MY SON!”

chris kenty proud dad

And as the celebrations begin in the field, there Dad is in the stands, barely able to restrain himself from running out there and joining in, in fact, he can be seen sprinting along the fence jumping for joy!

little league dad

No doubt about it, this young slugger did Dad proud… and helped his team win the game, 6-5!

jansen kenty little league team

With another win under its belt, Peachtree City played and eliminated Michigan on Wednesday, where Dad was just as exuberant.

Watch the entire scene play out in the video below, and share to spread congratulations.

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