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Hilarious Video Pokes Fun At The 1 Thing Every Dad Seems To Say.

This relatable dad video is hilarious!

Every dad has their own unique pearls of wisdom that they pass down to their kids, but some of these sayings are so common, it almost seems like they come with the fatherhood handbook! One TikTok account came up with the perfect skit to highlight one of those typical “dad” phrases. The McFarlands post a variety of relatable family content on the app, with one of their running jokes being universal dad culture. In a hilarious clip, a young man accidentally triggers a predictable response from his father by commenting on the weather.

“It’s hot outside,” the son says, before his mom hastily shushes him.

However, it’s too late! Dramatic music starts playing as his dad wakes up, rises from his chair, and approaches the kitchen where mother and son are cowering.

“It’s not the heat that gets you,” he bellows, “It’s the humidity!”

Watch the video below for a good laugh.

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