“Anything Is Possible.” Dad Sets Two Guinness World Records With Quintuplets In Tow.

Chad Kempel

As if having seven children under the age of 10 wasn’t enough of a daily challenge, Chad Kempel found a way to push himself to new limits for the second time!

Chad is a data scientist from Idaho. In January 2018, he and his wife Amy Kempel welcomed quintuplets to their family! Three boys and two girls joined two big sisters, creating one big chaotic yet loving family unit. Just one year after the quintuplets were born, Chad managed to complete a full marathon while pushing all of them in a stroller.

Chad finished that race in four hours and 42 minutes. Not only that, but he kept running even after the race was over, completing his journey at 27.3 miles instead of the standard 26.2. The reason? Amy’s pregnancy with the quintuplets had lasted for exactly 27 weeks and three days!

“It is nothing compared to what she went through but I wanted to pay tribute to her,” he explained.

Chad’s efforts that day were rewarded in a very big way. He set a new Guinness World Record!

After the pandemic, Chad set his sights on the next challenge: Completing a half marathon while pushing his now-4-year-olds in a stroller. This race proved to be an even bigger challenge than the first. For one thing, his children and their stroller now weigh a combined 240 pounds. For another, he had his eye on setting another world record.

“I’m the first person doing it, but when you’re the first person to set a record, Guinness gives you a certain cut off and they gave me a cut-off of 2 hours and 30 minutes,” he explained.

Chad and the kids hit the streets at the Oakland Running Festival in California in 2022. Amy rode along with them on a bicycle, and Chad says the day was hot and the stroller felt incredibly heavy as he pushed it up and down the hilly course. No matter how difficult things got, he maintained his positive attitude.

“I carried a sign with me that said, “Anything is possible,'” Chad said. “I repeat that phrase all the time — and it seems to be working. The other day, my daughter was like, ‘I can’t lift this,’ and then she stopped and said, ‘Wait — anything is possible.'”

All of Chad’s hard work paid off! He and the kids finished the 13.1 mile race in 2 hours and 19 minutes, setting another Guinness World Record for running a half-marathon while pushing 5 children.

“They were saying, ‘Run faster dad!’ and I’m just dying sweating and I’m like, ‘I don’t even know if I can go any farther!'” he recalled. “I had forgotten how heavy it could be, especially when we’re going up a hill, even if it’s barely a hill at all, I’m basically full-on holding the whole thing up.”

In spite of his accomplishments, Chad says it’s “nothing compared” to what his wife does for their family every day! He has no plans to run another marathon with the kids in tow, but he’s not saying “never,” either. After all, “anything is possible!”

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