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“Anti-Bullying Gang” Shows Up In Droves To Support Teen Bullied For Brain Cancer

Anti-bullying gang

A group called the “Anti-Bullying Gang” is making national headlines after they showed up at a Texas high school to support a teen who was being bullied for brain cancer.

Tayden Ybarra, a 15-year-old sophomore at Katy High School has been battling astrocytoma since she was six. Over the years, she’s had two brain surgeries and is still in treatment today.

According to her mother, Tammy Ybarra, Tayden has been dealing with bullying since her diagnosis.

“She’s had kids making fun of her eyes, the way they cross. And she had one kid trip her,” she told Fox 26.

“Kids will think it’s contagious or if they get close to me, they’ll get it somehow,” Tayden added.

Someone reported Tayden’s situation to The Anti-Bullying Gang, which travels to schools across Texas to support victims. So they headed out to Katy High on March 13 to surprise Tayden and show solidarity.

“Just finding out that she had cancer, and she had to deal with getting bullied,” the group’s founder, King Kyle Lee, told the publication. “I can’t even imagine going through something like that, then people making fun of you, picking on you.”

Videos show a massive show of support with the group driving up to the school in luxury cars.

“We pull up right to the front of the school. We make a big scene. I want the principal to come outside. I want the teachers to be looking out the windows,” he continued.

The Anti-Bullying Gang Has Helped Over 50 Students

Tayden had no idea that the group was heading out to visit her, and the show of support meant everything to her. The Anti-Bullying Gang was able to bring awareness to Tayden’s bullying. Then, they drove her home in a Lamborghini.

“I was so surprised,” Tayden shared. “I was like whoa, those are a lot of nice cars, and they were all lined up and everything.” 

The group has helped over 50 kids since its formation. According to King Kyle Lee, it only takes three minutes to get the faculty and students on board to help victims

“We’re going to be there for them,” he added, “and do everything possible for them to feel safe, to let them know that somebody has their back, to let them know that they are loved.”

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