2 Strangers Walk Up To A Street Guitarist, Their Impromptu Collaboration Gave Me Chills!

It starts out with one guy playing acoustic guitar and singing on the side of the street outside a Kroger, but it turns into a magical moment with three strangers all jamming. And they sound AMAZING! I hope these guys get together some day!

First, just one passerby joins in the busker’s song. The busker quickly realizes that this man is trying to collaborate, and so he starts to harmonize with the stranger’s singing. It’s hard to believe this isn’t rehearsed; their voices fit together perfectly. Then, another man starts to walk into the Kroger, but he sings a couple notes on the way in the door and the man filming calls out to him. He stops in his tracks, hesitates for just a moment, and then joins in with the group.

The trio is having fun and making beautiful music. I kept asking myself “How can these be strangers?” as I watched. The connection is just so easy. But then, the last guy breaks into a freestyle rap. Such talent!

Just as quickly as they all came together, the little band finishes their song and breaks apart. “Thanks for that!” says the last singer to the others, “I needed that.”

Check out the moment below.

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