Do You Have “Life-Giving” Posture? New Studies Show Your Stance Is Everything.

good versus bad posture

Take a second to consider your posture right now.

Were you slumped over? Maybe you were sitting up straight, shoulders back. Often, I’m somewhere in the middle. Now consider this: Your posture actually says a lot about your mood, personality, and more. It’s hard to believe that something as simple as how you sit or walk can communicate so much. Curious what yours says about you?

Those with good posture can deal with stressful situations better.

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In a study done at The University of Auckland, researchers had participants maintain an upright posture or a slumped one. Those with good posture had more self-esteem, were in a better mood, and experienced less fear.

The slumped participants, on the other hand, showed more signs of sadness, negativity, and stress.

This proved that if you adopt an upright posture in the face of stress, you “can maintain self-esteem, reduce negative mood, and increase positive” thoughts.

In other words, “Sitting upright may be a simple behavioral strategy to help build resilience to stress.”

Because of this, people with good posture are more confident.


When you feel good — you’re not as stressed, you’re positive about your life outlook — you exude confidence. When you’re sitting upright or standing up straight, you automatically look more confident with yourself. That creates a ripple effect extending to those around you. You’ll find that they will look to you for answers and advice.

Slouching has the opposite effect.

People with proper posture are often extroverts.


This means that those with bad, slumped-over posture are most likely to be introverts.

A study from researchers at McGill and San Diego Universities found that 96 percent of the participants with ideal posture were extroverts, while introverts were more likely to have slouched stances. What’s interesting, though, is where this correlation actually stems from:

It goes back to our ancient physical responses to positive and negative stress. When we feel confident, our action response kicks in, prompting us to stand up straight and arch our back, preparing for action. Extraverts tend to feel and act confidently, and repeated activation of the action response can lead extraverts to stand in this posture all the time.

Posture provides a glimpse into your emotions.


Sometimes, our bodies react to things without us even noticing, and this is especially true with posture. If you’re feeling a sense of peacefulness, you’ll probably have relaxed muscles and a poised posture. But the second you become angry, feel threatened, or stressed, your body can change, your muscles bunching and your back slouching.

In a study from 2012, researchers found that just “two minutes of skipping versus walking in a slouched position can make a significant difference on our energy levels,” which means we should all skip more often!

So what kind of posture do you have? Try to improve it every single day and see if it changes how you feel and are perceived by others. A straighter stance could mean far more than just less back pain!

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