Dad’s “Broccoli Farm” Surprise Totally Backfires, His Son’s Hilarious Reaction Sums Up The Struggle Of Parenting.

While most little kids detest vegetables and dream of seeing lions, tigers and bears (oh my!), this 4-year-old has a different idea of fun.


Here’s the setup: Mom and Dad tell their young son, Max, that they have a surprise planned for him, saying they’re taking a family trip to a broccoli farm. They figured Max wouldn’t be too excited about a broccoli farm (I mean, it does sound pretty lame), so he would be extra pumped to hear the real plan: a trip to the circus! So what happens when they finally reveals the truth? It turns out, Max really was looking forward to the broccoli farm! As Dad Chris said, “This was the opposite of the reaction that we expected.”

Parents, does anything about this sound familiar? Try as you may to make your kids happy, sometimes they can be completely unpredictable. The Dad in this video tries to make his son smile, saying that they will get him some broccoli ASAP, but he clearly can’t help but giggle at Max’s adorable meltdown and his own parenting fail.

Check out the video below and see Dad’s surprise backfire for yourself!

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