“You’re Safe.” Student Nurse Goes The Extra Mile To Soothe Kid With Rare Cancer.

Natalie Ridler and son with nurse note

We hate to think about where we’d be without the nurses of the world!

Natalie Ridler of Swansea, Wales grew up speaking Welsh at home. She and her children speak a mixture of Welsh and English and, until he was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer, her son Morgan attended a Welsh-speaking kindergarten class. When Morgan, who was two at the time, required surgery in Birmingham, England, the family traveled there and stayed in a hospital overnight.

In the middle of the night, Natalie received a call from a student nurse at the hospital. Poor Morgan was having a rough night in intensive care, and Natalie happened to mention that when he felt poorly at home, she often comforted him in Welsh. The next day, Natalie was visiting her son when she noticed some notes the nurse had added to Morgan’s file the night before.

“Mum reported that speaking Welsh to Morgan helps soothe him,” the nurse had written. “Here’s some that may help.”

Below, phrases like “you’re okay,” and “you’re safe” were written in both English and Welsh, along with phonetic pronunciations. Natalie got choked up when she saw the notes.

“It was a very moving thing to have done,” she told the BBC. “I think that it’s something that’s very simple. You know that she probably didn’t think was a big deal when she was doing it. She was just trying to make sure Morgan felt OK. But it meant the world to us and to Morgan, I imagine, as well.”

Watch Natalie tell their story and thank the thoughtful student nurse in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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