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Kindergartners Give Classmate With Cancer A Magical Send-Off Before Treatment.

Just before 5-year-old Wyatt Haas started school, he began complaining of headaches and vomiting. When the symptoms worsened, his parents took him to get an MRI and received the news that is every parents’ worst nightmare.

The MRI revealed that Wyatt had a “large tumor up against his brain stem and fluid built up in his brain” and he was ultimately diagnosed with Medulloblastoma brain cancer. After being accepted into the St. Jude Research Hospital in Memphis, TN, Wyatt’s classmates (and their parents) came together to give him a magical send-off.


Wyatt’s journey with cancer started within his first few weeks at school, so he didn’t have deep roots with most of the kids in his class. Still, upon learning what he (and his parents) were about to endure, the kids, teachers, and parents came together to throw the kindergartner a sweet send-off party.


The party included decorations, cake, crowns, noisemakers, the works! As if that’s not enough to make a 5-year-old smile, there was one extra surprise for him – a ride on a real-life unicorn!


The party definitely got Wyatt’s spirits up as he and his mom jetted off from Utah to Tennessee to begin treatment. In his first week, Wyatt had to endure several evaluations (including a spinal tap and another MRI) to determine a course of action and treatment plan.


Still, Wyatt, his mom, dad, and two siblings remain optimistic and believe the little one will “kick cancer’s behind”. It’s unknown how long he will have to stay at St. Jude, but the family knows for sure he won’t be able to be home in Utah for Christmas.

Since being in the hospital over the holidays is a sad reality for the majority of their patients, St. Jude’s staff decked out the facility in Christmas lights to help turn it into somewhat of a winter wonderland for the kiddos.


Wyatt’s family hopes to arrange for them all to be together in Memphis to celebrate Christmas, and a family friend has set up a GoFundMe page in an effort to raise money to help make that happen (and to help cover costs during this difficult time).

Also if anyone would like to send activities to keep Wyatt busy (nothing large) you can send them to:

Wyatt Haas
350 North Third Street
Memphis, TN 38105

No matter what Christmas ends up looking like for Wyatt and his family, they have hope and optimism because they’ve been so supported by their community throughout this experience. There’s no way Santa could bring anything in his sleigh that would rival the love the family is feeling – or the unicorn Wyatt got to ride.

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