All 4 “Voice” Judges Duke It Out Over Amazing Mother-Daughter Country Trio.

Sometimes the best things in life are “Worth The Wait.”

Mia, Jaycee, and Sade grew up singing with their mother Tara, AKA Mama T. The three Alabama sisters formed a country singing group called “Worth The Wait,” and they were delighted to finally get their big break on “The Voice.”


“The girls have been signing pretty much their entire lives,” Mama T. said. Unfortunately, fate intervened a few months before they hit the stage for the blind audition episode. Sade’s son Jackson was born with special needs and needed round-the-clock care. The new mom felt she couldn’t leave him for the show, so she called in the next-best thing to a fourth sister: Mama T!

“Jackson needs a lot of full-time care,” said Mama T. “He was born with a rare skin disease. They came to me and said they felt like that third part needs to be there, with tears in their eyes. So how could I not give it a shot?”

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The new “Worth The Wait” sang Linda Ronstadt’s “When Will I Be Loved.” Within seconds of hearing just one of the voices on stage, judge Gwen Stefani whipped her chair around. Her mouth fell open when she saw that it was three voices, not one!

The incredible way this trio makes the song their own through harmonizing is even more amazing when you realize how young Mama T.’s daughters are. Mia is 15 and Jaycee is just 13!


By the time they’d finished their song all four judges had turned their chair around, indicating their desire to act as the group’s voice coach. Each pleaded their case, but none more so than Gwen! Not only did the pop starlet make sure to reference her “support from the country community,” but she even pulled out the big guns: a video endorsement from country singer Trace Adkins!

Was Trace’s endorsement enough to sway “Worth The Wait” towards Gwen? Watch the video below to find out, and don’t forget to share!

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