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World’s Largest Rubber Duck Sets Sail! It’s 6 Stories Tall And Traveling Around The Country!

Craig Samborski is a dreamer when it comes to bath time toys.

Just like the saying goes “The world is your oyster,” this man is subbing in “oyster” for “tub.” Why? Because he just built the largest rubber duck in the entire world!

The mammoth yellow plaything is about 6-stories-high (61 feet) and weighs an unbelievable 11 tons.

Literally name the “World’s Largest Rubber Duck,” Craig’s creation will be riding alongside a giant fleet of Tall Ships (large sailing vessels) traveling to Duluth, Minnesota for it’s Tall Ships fesitval. The goal is to reach their destination by August.

Samborski uses the duck all around the country as a way to inspire other artists and pedestrians alike.


The duck even has it’s own Facebook, with some unreal pictures.  Here are some of the best:

It’s been to New York before in an epic visit that left tourists and residents flabbergasted and then excited.

duck in harbor


Another one of it’s classic visits?  The LA Tall Ships Festival.  People freaked out.

duck tall ships festival LA


Here it is chilling in Oyster Bay.

duck oyster bay


The visionary artist also created a baby duck named “Timmy.” The smaller version floats alongside Mama to entertain at many more events.

duck little


When people see the duck they are at first amazed. But then a similar sensation overtakes most people: they revert to being a kid and innocent excitement overtakes them.

duck people


Now, it’s headed up through the Great Lakes on an epic voyage with an epic destination.

duck peek


Once it’s trip is done, it will be packed back up, shipped home, and scheduled for it’s next awesome voyage!

Watch below to listen as Samborski describes the extent of effort that went into making his creation and what all he plans to do with it in the future.

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