World’s First Real Jetpack Is SO Much Cooler Than Expected, When It Blasted Off My Jaw Dropped.

Who hasn’t dreamt of flying? As a kid, all I wanted was to lift off the ground and soar like Icarus through the skies (staying well away from the sun of course) and leave my worries behind. Daydreams like these can seem a world away, but maybe, just maybe, they’re not so crazy after all.

It appears the hour has already come – and just in time for Christmas!

In the video below, the world’s first genuine jet pack – the JB-9 JETPACK by JetPack Aviation – is even cooler than I thought possible. According to its builder, the jetpack can fly for up to 10 minutes and reach an altitude of 10,000 feet.

For now, this incredible video below gives us a taste of what it’s like to truly fly solo. Fly solo.

Check it out!

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