Amazing Footage Of A World Record-Breaking Cliff Jump Will Have You Stomach In KNOTS.

The “one-upper” scene is on a rise nowadays with YouTube challenges and extreme sports calling for people to break records. Well, cliff diver Laso Schaller rose to a particular challenge from Red Bull that will put him in the daredevil hall of fame.


The best way to set the mood of the stunt is from the video’s commentary,

“Remember the first time standing on a high-dive at your local pool? It was a little terrifying, right? Maybe 10 feet high? Imagine what it would be like to stand on a platform nearly 59 meters high (194 ft), taller than the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and perched on a cliff above a tiny natural pool of water.”

Yeah… no wonder no one has done this before…

But not to worry, with his “anything’s possible” attitude, Laso took on the challenge with confidence and accomplished what most of us couldn’t even begin to imagine actually doing.

What have you done lately that’s scared you and/or has been out of your comfort zone? If you can’t think of an answer within 10 seconds, it’s time to get out and make it happen! 

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