Firefighters Who Lost Their Homes Get Free RVs From Caring Family.

In 2018, Woody Faircloth and his daughter Luna launched a nonprofit organization called Emergency RV. Their mission was to provide families who lost their homes to California wildfires with a safe place to stay.


Now, they’re doing the same for firefighters!

“People have RVs (that) may be used once or twice a year, or maybe they don’t use them anymore at all,” Woody told MSN.

Instead of letting those RVs sit around, anyone can support Emergency RV, which relies on donations to immediately provide for families who would otherwise have nowhere to go.

Recently, Woody and Luna took it upon themselves to extend that care to a group of volunteer firefighters in Berry Creek, California. Of the seven-person crew, six of them lost their homes as well as the fire station they were reporting to while they were off saving others.

Katherine Molohon, one of these selfless heroes, said, “We were driving through, trying to get people evacuated, drove by my house – I said, ‘Bye house’ and kept going.”

Before she received an RV from the incredible nonprofit, she and her partner had to live in a shed in her mom’s yard.

The organization also provided an RV to the station’s chief, Reed Rankin, who lost his home as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of tools he relied on for work.

Without even the station to take shelter in, he was forced to sleep in his truck, where his only belongings were basically the clothes on his back. He was absolutely thrilled when Woody and Luna were able to find him a brand new home, saying, “It’s shocking; it’s amazing.”

Emergency RV is currently expanding to provide temporary housing to firefighters in Oregon, doctors fighting COVID-19, and families who lost their homes in recent hurricanes and storms.

What started as a father-daughter duo wanting to help their community has transformed into a movement that is changing people’s lives all over the country! Their accomplishment is proof of what a little kindness can become.

Learn more about Emergency RV on their website, and share this story with your friends to help spread the word.

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