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When Elderly Man Balks At Cost Of Medication, Stranger Steps Up.

We’ve all heard stories of those Good Samaritans who pick up a stranger’s tab at a restaurant or start a chain reaction of kindness at a coffee shop.

But one woman at Walgreens was able to capture the moment that a Good Samaritan acted in a completely different way during an elderly man’s hour of need.


An unidentified woman was in the pharmacy section at a Walgreens and couldn’t help but overhear a conversation between the pharmacist and an elderly man standing at the counter.

He was there to pick up a three-month supply of medication, but balked when he discovered it would cost $170. He couldn’t afford it. He tried to muster up enough money to pay for merely one month, and that’s precisely when a stranger appeared.


The kindness and basic goodness of humanity never fails to inspire us. Angels are out there and you could be that to someone too!

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