This Teen’s Hysterical Post-Surgery Breakdown About Missing His Girlfriend Is Surprisingly Heartwarming.

If you've ever had any kind of dental surgery done (cavity work, wisdom teeth extraction, root canal) you know that it's not a fun experience. Sure, the anesthesia helps you feel good before you go down, but when you wake up — not so much. Coming out of the operating room, you can feel confused, happy, or just a bit dopey. Having a familiar face does wonders to make you feel more comfortable.

Dru was scheduled to get his wisdom teeth out recently. The only person he wanted with him when he woke up was his girlfriend Kaylee.

At the last minute, though, she chose to go on a mini vacation with some friends, so his mom stepped in. Dru made it through the procedure fine, got into the car to go home, and started talking about ice cream. Pretty standard for someone who just got their wisdom teeth out.

But then, without any notice, he breaks down.

It wasn't because he was in pain. No, it was for a far more devastating reason. His mom had Facetimed with Kaylee and the second he saw her face on the screen he started crying.

"I miss you," he says in the video. "I haven't seen you in forever!"

His mom points out that he gets to see her in two days. Dru is not having it, though, fighting back, "I wanna see her NOW!" A lot of what Dru goes on to say is unintelligible, but one thing is very clear — he cares about his girlfriend. A lot.

And the internet is obsessed.

Watch the entire video below to see just how much the teen cares for his "baebae" and share it today.
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