4-Yr-Old Who Lost Both Legs To Sepsis Inspires World By Taki...

4-Yr-Old Who Lost Both Legs To Sepsis Inspires World By Taking 1st Steps.

William Reckless of Nottingham, England, is only 4 years old, but his resilience constantly inspires his parents, Gemma and Michael.

Earlier this year, the little boy’s life — and mobility — changed forever. But in the months since, he’s met and overcome every challenge with a smile.

Back in January, Gemma took William to a doctor when she noticed he wasn’t feeling well. While the doctor chalked it up to a virus and sent them home, Gemma knew it was something worse. So, following her instincts, she took her son to the hospital two days later, where she learned he had sepsis, a life-threatening complication that stems from infection. William was placed into a medically-induced coma for the next eight days, and ended up spending three months in intensive care.

Ever the fighter, William survived a blood clot in his thighs, a collapsed lung, and a brain injury caused by a lack of oxygen. Unfortunately, doctors had to amputate both of his legs and parts of his fingers to save him. But even after such a traumatic ordeal, William never lost his smile.

william after amputations

Back at home, the little boy did an amazing job of adapting. It certainly helped to have support from his 2-year-old sister, Georgia!

“His sister didn’t notice his legs and was just happy to have her brother home and her playmate back after three months- she loves helping him to fetch things,” Gemma told Yahoo.

In May, William received a set of prosthetic legs. Since then, he’s been working hard to learn how to walk again. And in July, he reached an incredible milestone!

Last month, William’s parents recorded the boy taking his first steps on the prosthetics toward his grandma, Trish Brennan, who couldn’t be more proud.

“When your baby takes their first steps it’s magical but when they have to learn a second time, after months of watching their pain, fear, frustration, hard work and determination, the pride we feel is something else,” Gemma said.

william walks

Congratulations, William! You’ve been through so much, but you’ve refused to let your hardships keep you down! Way to inspire everyone around you. You can help the family with William’s medical needs by donating here.

Watch as William takes step after step in the video below, and share to brighten someone’s day.

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