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megan alexander pregnant

Why We’re Waiting Until Birth To Find Out The Gender Of Our Baby.

At the time of writing this article, I am 7 months pregnant with my 3rd child. And we are not finding out the sex of our baby. Nope! Not finding out until the moment of birth! And yes, I get some pretty fun reactions from people when I share this, including some like this:

“You are not finding out the gender?! Oh my gosh, I could never do that!” or, “How do you plan the baby room?” and even, “But WHY would you not want to know the gender of your baby?”

Boy or Girl? High or Low? We don’t know!

Megan Alexander

Great questions! Let me share why we decided to wait.

1. It is so FUN! We are doing all the old wives tales…dangling a ring tied to a string on my belly and seeing which way it turns…looking at the Mayan Calendar, the Chinese Moon calendar, analyzing what my cravings are, even checking the hairline of my second child… (yeah, have you heard of that one?! Me neither!) My two boys get into it and we all laugh pretty hard.

2. There are very few surprises in life anymore – in a world of instant gratification and access, waiting is actually really fun to experience and anticipate. It makes the pregnancy process more exciting and makes ME less nervous about the delivery. I can’t wait for my hubby to call out what She/He is in the delivery room!

We did it! We waited 9 months to find out baby Catcher was a BOY!

Megan Alexander

3. And about my hubby…so for the birth of my second baby, we also decide to wait. But my Brian did NOT get to the delivery room in time. Yup – we foolishly thought it would be OK for him to fly to Seattle on business when I was 36 weeks pregnant. So, he was on a plane when I went into labor early! But – we still held to our pact to find out together! My mom held the baby first, and no one told me what gender it was. We just called it “baby” until my husband came back 12 hours later. And then we found out the gender together…the hospital staff was awesome and hung up signs on my door that said “do not reveal gender of baby! Husband coming soon!” It was really cute. So hey, if we can wait through all that, we can certainly wait again to find out this baby’s gender!

Megan Alexander

4. The hard part is you MUST remind all doctors, nurses, and technicians every single time you go in for an appointment. Every time I am in the room I blurt out “we are not finding out the gender! Please tell me when to look away on the ultrasound.” This is probably the hardest part. Every test you take, every piece of paperwork seems to have the gender listed on it, so you need to be very careful and continue to alert folks to your desire to not know. This is even harder as you get older, as once you are over 35, it feels like you take a different test every week! But trust me, it is possible. Just stay alert!

5. I realize this is not for everyone, and we don’t get to do the super cute gender reveal party, but we get the ULTIMATE gender reveal in the delivery room! And that makes it really magical for us and our family and countless other folks. In some ways, waiting to find out has bonded me with an older generation of people, because they did not have the technology to find out, and its fun to hear their stories of trying out all the old wives tales and guessing.

Regardless, its fun to share and have this choice in life. I welcome your thoughts and stories yourself! Have you or anyone you know waited to find out the gender of your baby? Wish me luck – 2 more months to go!

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