White House Picture Of Little Girl On Ground Proves “Kids Will Always Be Kids”

Kids are the best. They remind us of the simplicity of life and of human nature.

William Stafford, United States Poet Laureate, once said, “Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn’t music.”  A child’s innocence and uniform perspective on life is refreshing: to a child, everything is interesting and they pretty much treat all people equally.

This picture is the essence of that innocent equality. A family recently visited the White House and one of the children got straight on the ground and just laid there, enjoying it.

The little girl had no real perception that the person standing next to her was the President of the United States.  Instead, she noticed something that looked awesome (a comfy carpet) and decided to check it out (lay flat on her face).

It is a cute act that reminds us that 1. kids will always be kids and 2. maybe adults should take themselves less seriously, treat others more equally, and enjoy the life straight in front of them!

kids be kids

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