When You Hear Her Age After Seeing Her Golf, Your Jaw Will DROP!

This is truly stunning.  At 0:50 my jaw dropped HARD when I learned the age of this incredible woman!


Ida Pieracci is a legend at San Jose Country Club. Not only is she one of the most active golfers on the course, but she holds the club record with 11 hole in ones.  Most people never get a single ace in their lives!


But what makes Pieracci even more of an icon is her incredible attitude.  When asked what the key to a long, happy life, her response was, “Just being a good kid!”  She views life with the innocence and fascination of a kid… it’s probably why she is so happy and active even to this day.


So here’s our takeaway: Be a good kid!  But what does that mean practically?  1. Try to view the world with the passion of a child. 2. Do what is right and good for you.  3. Find a hobby (like golf for Ida) where you can live out #1 and #2.

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