When This Couple Started Surfing, I Had No Idea They’d Completely Defy Gravity!

Surfing by yourself takes a lot of skill. Surfing with someone else takes even more skill. But surfing with someone standing on you!?  That’s just ridiculous.


Well, meet these two: the most epic tandem surfers we’ve ever seen.

Tandem surfing began in Waikiki, Hawaii and was first documented in 1930.  Local beach boys would take tourist girls out to surf with them.  To add a little spice, they would suddenly pick the women up and put them on their shoulders!

From many falls, these athletes realized that the sport is demanding beyond most and takes a high level of concentration and finesse. But what the duo is able to do in this video is mesmerizing… and it’s hard to believe it’s not a hoax.

But indeed it’s not.  It took them a lot of passion and hard work to achieve these 45 seconds of brilliance.  And it’s well worth it.  So if you are striving to achieve a skill, keep after it so you can be like these masters!

Watch below and share this incredible feat with your friends.

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