When This Baby Grabbed The Climbing Wall, I Couldn’t Believe What She Did Next!

At 20 months old, most toddlers are just discovering how fun it is to walk around and interact with the world around them. It’s a fun time for parents to see their kid’s personality develop, and a perfect opportunity to introduce them to new things.

Ellie Farmer, or the “little zen monkey” as the internet as dubbed her, has already found her lifelong passion.

Her parents, Rachel and Zak Farmer are both competitive rock climbers, and naturally, they thought their daughter would have a knack for it.

Turns out they were right.

At just 8 months old – before she even took her first step – Ellie could be found climbing anything and everything.

From headboards.

little zen monkey 1

To rock walls.

little zen monkey 2

This kid is gonna be a rockstar… just watch below!

little zen monkey 4


Check out the video and share if you were amazed too! 




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