When I Heard The Sound Of This Cello Made From Trash, My Heart Skipped A Beat!

Boy plays cello made from trash

Built upon a landfill and the lives of a struggling people, Cateura, Paraguay  has long been plagued with drugs and illiteracy, making it nearly inescapable for the youth growing up there. Observing the needs of the kids in that area, Favio Chaves decided to open a music school and the Landfill Harmonic was born.

After giving a few lessons on borrowed instruments,  Chavez noticed that interest in group began to spread. It wasn’t long before the few second-hand instruments that Chaves owned were spoken for… so he got creative.

Every instrument in the Landfill Harmonic is made entirely from the trash that Cateura is built upon. Chavez has fashioned cello’s from oil drums and violins from tin cans, making instuments that sound great and that are essentially worthless to anyone who would steal them.

Now composed of 35 members, the Landfill Harmonic is picking up momentum. Be sure to check out the upcoming documentary about the group.

Here’s our takeaway: We’ve all heard the saying “one mans trash is another mans treasure”, but it’s really awesome to see it play out like this. There is always a way to make the best of your situation, don’t miss the opportunity!



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