What This Detective Discovered About 2 Brothers Broke His Heart, But His Response Changed Their Lives.

Jack Mook is a 22 year veteran in the Pittsburgh Police force.  A long-time bachelor, Mook is dedicated to his work, to his gym, and to helping people.  But what he did here is incredible.

Mook volunteers at his gym by leading boxing classes for under-privileged kids.  That is how he met Josh and Jesse, young brothers he trains for free.  The kids quickly clinged to Mook and expressed a love for their time together.  But one day they didn’t show up and missed the next few classes.

Mook went to look for them.  What he discovered broke his heart and led him to do something truly incredible for these kids.

Here’s our takeaway: Help. When you see someone in need, do whatever you can to help.  Putting others first can often be one of the best decisions you can make in your life, just ask Mook.

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