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2nd Grader’s Innocent Plea To Burglar Who Targeted Her Family Is Inspiring The Internet.

In 10 minutes Wendy Chay’s world changed forever. In the time it took for 8-yr-old Wendy and her mother to drive across town, a burglar targeted their home. Upon returning to their ransacked residence, the Chay’s understandably felt violated and unsafe in their own house.

It was then that the youngest member of the Chay family, 8-yr-old Wendy, decided to take matters into her own hands. The 2nd grader put pen to paper and penned a plea to any returning robber or first time burglar that might find their house an easy target.

Check out her heartfelt letter below:

“Please do not steal in our house. There are good kids and people in this house. We are people that do not steal. We are sad that you have been stealing in this house.

You are not the only one who has feelings. We all do. Right now I feel sad that you robbed our house. My dad is working so hard and you are not. You are just stealing stuff. Tell me why you are stealing and I will help you be a good person.

You think this is a joke but it is not.  If you start being nice you will have friends that will be nice to you.  If they are not nice just go with somebody that is nice.

I hope you will have a better life.

Bye – Wendy

I hope you will change and be good.  God will forgive you.”


Wendy’s letter went viral for all the right reasons.  Members of their community started a Go Fund Me account for the family, which as of today has raised $3,100 of their 3,500 goal.

The most inspiring lesson throughout this ordeal lies in Wendy’s heartfelt, gracious and forgiving response, pleading for the security of her home and family. It takes a lot to respond with kindness when you’ve been wronged.

Thank you Wendy for setting the correct example!

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