5 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Late, Great TV Legend Bob Barker.

Award-Winning Icon: Bob Barker earned Golden Globe and Daytime Emmy awards, a spot in the Television Academy Hall of Fame, and even won an MTV Movie Award for Best Fight.

Animal Rights Advocate:  Barker championed spaying/neutering, quit Miss USA over fur coats, and founded the DJ&T Foundation, raising millions for animal rights.

Multi-Talented Athlete: Barker, a college basketball player, had a love for baseball and martial arts, even signing a comical contract with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Unexpected Military Career:  Barker trained as a fighter pilot in WWII, although the war ended before he saw action, leading him to joke about his impact on peace.

Pioneer of Early Television:  Before owning a TV, Barker debuted on "Your Big Moment," witnessing TV's evolution from its infancy to "The Price Is Right."