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Icy Weather Meant No Breakfast For Students, So Humble Bus Driver Makes Sweet Plan.

For many kids, a school delay is an excuse to sleep in and spend a little extra time in PJs. However, for the kids that rely on the school to provide them breakfast, a delay may cost them a much-needed meal.

Wayne Price, a bus driver for an Alabama public school system, knew that many of the students on his bus route would miss out on breakfast because of a recent delay – so he went the extra mile to make sure none of them went hungry.


On December 11, Shelby County School System announced a delay due to black ice, but the announcement came later than normal which meant many bus drivers were already on the road making their way to their first stops. Price was one of those bus drivers.

Instead of going back home to enjoy some (probably much-needed) downtime before heading back out into the cold, Price thought about the impact the delay would have on his students and decided to make sure they were all fed some breakfast. He used that delay time to go to a local McDonald’s and purchase 30+ biscuits – enough for every student on his route.


Word of Price’s act of kindness spread quickly, and it seems that people in his community were not at all shocked by his actions. On Facebook one person said,

“Anyone who knows Wayne Price would know that this isn’t a random moment. In the almost 20 years of knowing him, I’ve seen this man give so much of himself to his community. I’ve experienced first hand the hope and guidance he brings to people who may not find it anywhere else. I’m glad he’s getting the acknowledgment he deserves.”

Many other Facebook users in the community echoed the sentiment, calling Price “caring”, a “small town hero”, and “amazing”.


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