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WATCH: 30 Dolphins Rush Towards Beach, Get Stuck, And Are Saved By Quick Tourists.

This has to be one of the most bizarre things ever caught on camera.  Stories about dolphins saving people in the water aren’t uncommon, but during this rare event the dolphins need a helping hand.

While these tourists were enjoying a seemingly standard day in the sun, they saw wild splashing appear out of nowhere and head straight towards them. A minute later, a large group of dolphins could be seen clearly in the shallow water. So shallow that the forerunners began battling to stay underneath the waves. While these mammals are known to get stuck on a beach every now and then, this occurrence was extremely rare as it involved a pod of about 30!

The beachgoers soon realized something wasn’t right, and knew they had to do something to save these beautiful creatures. So in a group effort they began running to the dolphins’ aid, grabbing them by the tails and pulling them back into deep enough water.

The whole incident was bizarre, yet encouraging: it’s great to see how quickly these kind people rushed to their aid!

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